Logo Refinement

Logo Refinement for Visual Identities

Since 1991 we have built a reputation for type design excellence, and it’s these skills and experience that we bring to every logo refinement project. The expertise of our full-time team of type designers is equally applicable to the abstract forms of symbolic and iconographic communication as they are to the familiar abstract shapes that form letters and numerals; whether it’s counteracting visual illusions or compensating for optical effects, our process is about fine-tuning every element of a logo.

Our logo refinement service unleashes the potential of icons, symbols, wordmarks, logotypes, and lock-ups. Leveraging our expertise in type design and typography, we work with design and branding agencies to deliver polished, final artwork that truly serves as a brand’s most valuable asset.

If our logo refinement service can help elevate the work that you do for your clients, get in touch.

Why Refine?

The human visual system is adept at recognizing abstract visual symbols and instantly assigning meaning to them. This capacity is not only fundamental to how we read, but is also why logos are so crucial to the work that design and branding agencies do in establishing brand identities for their clients.

Logos are often the first point of contact between a brand and its audience, serving as a key element in shaping perceptions. A well-executed logo does more than represent a brand; it encapsulates its core values and differentiating qualities in a single, compact design.

Given this significant role, it’s essential that logos are refined to perfection. Even the smallest details can have a substantial impact on perception and recognition. Apparent inconsistencies in shape or form, questionable alignment, or improper visual balance can detract from the logo’s effectiveness, affecting how viewers perceive the brand.

Logo refinement occurs late in the process, sometimes as the very final stage, after the design or branding agency’s client has signed off on the fundamentals of the design. It enhances visual appeal, improves legibility, readability, and scalability, and ultimately delivers a logo that doesn’t just look good, but also performs exceptionally across applications and platforms.

Why Agencies Choose Dalton Maag

Our specialist understanding of type design and typographic principles amplifies the creative talent and skills of our design and branding agency partners. With precise execution and refinement, a logo can fully support and even drastically amplify a brand’s key message. Moreover, logos must function with other brand assets at different scales across diverse media, which requires an additional level of expertise to ensure that impact and readability are maintained.

With our decades of experience in type design and typographic refinement, we work with design and branding agencies to finalize their work with fast turnaround and exceptional return on investment.

Fonts in Logos

Our desktop font licence for typefaces from our font library allows unlimited use to create logos or other static artwork with no extra fees. But not all font suppliers are the same – some charge surprisingly onerous licensing fees to use their fonts in logos, so it’s always best to check – or we can check for you.


For logo refinement we charge only for studio time, with no additional fees for project management or Creative Director review. It is a bespoke service tailored to the needs of each project, so the scope and level of our involvement can vary greatly, but 50% of our logo refinement projects are priced at under £3,070 (~$3,920) and 90% are under £5,580 (~$7,130).