Custom Font Design


In all aspects of branding and communication, fonts subtly, yet profoundly, influence perceptions, set the mood, convey emotions, and even shape behaviours. In contrast to the wide variety of ready-made fonts available, a tailor-made typeface can significantly elevate a brand’s identity and communication. At Dalton Maag, we have been creating such bespoke fonts for over thirty years – each one unique, resonating, and exclusive to the client. Contact us to find out how custom font design can benefit you or your clients.

The Advantage of Distinctiveness

With so many brands vying for attention, investing in a unique custom typeface can help a brand really stand out. It enables the brand to create a visual language that is exclusive, striking, and distinctive, setting it apart from its competitors. It’s a powerful tool for establishing a unique visual identity, reinforcing the brand’s character, and creating a memorable impression on the audience.

The Advantage of Brand Consistency

A custom typeface can also serve as a valuable tool in maintaining brand consistency across platforms, media, languages, and writing systems. It ensures that the brand’s typography, and visual tone of voice, remains completely consistent in all forms of communication, from digital marketing campaigns to print advertisements, from apps to billboards.

The Advantage of Emotional Connection

A well-designed custom typeface can convey the personality and ethos of a brand, creating an emotional connection with the audience, regardless of location or culture. It can encapsulate and express the brand’s vision and values, making them more relatable and appealing to the target audience.

The Advantage of an Owned Asset

One of the greatest benefits of a custom typeface from Dalton Maag is that it becomes an owned asset of the brand by default. Once the typeface is designed and delivered, the client owns the intellectual property outright. It can be used in any way that they see fit, without any restrictions or additional fees. There are no hidden costs, and there’s no need to negotiate rights separately, as they are included in the price.

The Advantage of Complete Control

Whether your communication spans one language or hundreds, across one writing system or multi-script, whether you need fonts for one product or an expansive empire, or whether you require a single style or an entire font suite, custom typeface design gives you complete control. You set the brief and the scope, and are involved throughout the development process, ensuring that you get exactly what you need.

Close Collaboration

Our design process always involves close collaboration with our clients and their agencies. We work hand-in-hand with them to ensure that the final product perfectly embodies their vision and resonates with their target audience. We view our clients and their agencies not as customers, but as partners in the creative process.

Custom Means Custom

At Dalton Maag, custom truly means custom. While we do offer a service to modify our existing library fonts, and modification is perfect for many situations, we are very careful to draw the distinction between modification and custom design.

For custom design we don’t simply tweak existing fonts; we create entirely new typefaces, designed from the ground up to meet our clients’ specific requirements. Each project begins with an in-depth understanding of the brand’s goals, vision, target audience, and aesthetic aims. Our custom typefaces are as unique as the brands they represent; they are not modifications of existing designs, they do not incorporate stock characters, they are not derivative works. They are unique, distinct, and ownable.


A tailor-made typeface from Dalton Maag is not just a tool for communication; it’s a powerful branding asset that can enhance identity, influence perceptions, and evoke emotions. Through our commitment to distinctive design and close collaboration with our clients, we create typefaces that truly embody a brand’s vision. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Font LicensingFont ModificationCustom Font Design
How is it priced?Number of users, pageviews, apps, etc.Number of users, pageviews, apps, etc. + agreed feeAgreed fee based on time to develop – no licence fees
Who owns the copyright on the fonts?Dalton MaagDalton MaagYou – all rights are transferred to you
Is exclusivity guaranteed?Not guaranteedYesYes – you own the design and fonts outright
What are the limits on usage?As in the licence agreementAs in the licence agreementNone – you own the design and fonts outright
Can I modify the fonts, or have others do the same?NoNoYes – you own the design and fonts outright
What’s the lead time?ImmediateUsually <2 weeksWe can usually begin your project <2 weeks from agreeing scope and terms