Why Work with Dalton Maag?

The Dalton Maag Difference

Dalton Maag is a typeface design studio that was founded on the principles of collaboration, openness, and excellence. Whether it’s custom font design, font modification, library font licensing, or logo refinement, we apply the same approach to the work that we do and to how we work with our clients and their agencies.

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Fonts for All

Our client base is highly diverse; we work with design agencies and clients of every size, across every industry, and in every timezone. From a solo designer to multinationals with millions of employees, from retail to AI, and from Auckland to Zurich, we provide solutions tailored to the specific needs and budget of every client.

We do not operate disjointed sales and service regions; while our main studio is in London, our clients, their agencies, and our service offering are global. Every enquiry and every project receives the same high level of attention and commitment, regardless of geographical location.

Experience and Expertise

With over thirty years of industry experience, Dalton Maag boasts an extensive portfolio of world-class, award-winning typefaces. Our talented team of typeface designers and font engineers collaborate closely to ensure that every project meets the highest standards of quality and precision. From crafting custom fonts for global brands to developing unique typefaces for our library, our expertise is carried through everything we do.

Custom Fonts Done Right

Our approach to custom font design is meticulous and client-focused, and very different to many of our competitors. A unique typeface is a powerful brand asset, carrying its distinctive voice and values. That's why we work collaboratively with all of our clients to understand their brand's personality, objectives, and specific typographic needs.

At Dalton Maag, custom means custom. All custom fonts are drawn from scratch to become the owned intellectual property of the client, to use and exploit as they see fit; there are no licence terms or restrictions, and no need to negotiate ownership separately – it’s already included in the price. There is no supplier lock-in, no additional service contract, and no requirement of supplier exclusivity; we want people to work with us because they want to, not because they have to.

We are open about pricing for custom font development, and are resolute in keeping prices fair and competitive; we do not exploit large clients, and we do not exclude small clients.

Font Licensing Done Right

Fonts from our font library are available for immediate licensing. A variety of licence types accommodate all possible font usage, and can be combined to suit your exact needs. With no forced bundling of different licence types, you’ll only pay for what you need.

Each of our licence types grants you exactly the rights that you’d expect from its name; there are no unreasonable or unexpected contractual exclusions, and no demands for extra fees to use the fonts in commercial artwork or for logo design.

We show complete up-to-date pricing for all licences online, with nothing hidden behind a “contact us” placeholder. Whether you choose to buy a licence online, or need offline assistance for complex needs, the price is the same.

Alongside traditional transactional font licences, we also offer the innovative FontPass font licensing subscription service, which is designed to be cost effective for organizations which have diverse or ever-changing font requirements, such as video game development, publishing, and broadcasting. FontPass allows organizations to easily adapt to evolving typographic needs without having to worry about additional font licences and open-ended costs.

Good Design Takes a Team

It takes a whole village to raise a font family; Dalton Maag is a team of fifty dedicated professionals, around half of whom are typeface designers and font engineers. It is only through our unique structure and collaborative approach that we can efficiently deliver projects of any size and scope, typeface designs of the highest quality, and font families that consistently excel across diverse media and applications.

Whether it’s within our peer review process, where design details are scrutinized by a fellow expert designer, or our rigorous approach to font engineering, good typeface design is always the result of collaboration and teamwork.

Fonts = Design + Technology

Long gone are the days where you can, or should, trust a font file that has been exported straight from a font editor. Modern fonts are complex pieces of software that require the skills and experience of both designers and engineers to be usable and useful.

It is only through the coupling of creative design and technical leadership that we can deliver robust and reliable fonts that you can rely on everywhere across your brand and business.

We consistently embrace the latest advancements in typeface technology to create innovative solutions. From multi-axis variable fonts for responsive design to radical new screen optimization technologies like PixelFix, our team stays ahead of industry trends to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Future-Facing Font Library

We are committed to fostering innovation and diversity in the modern typographic landscape to meet the growing needs for global solutions for our diverse client base. We prioritize investment in the creation of new intellectual property that reflects a wide spectrum of cultural and aesthetic perspectives; we actively commission fresh designs for our font library from our global pool of talented font designers, ensuring that the fonts we offer align closely with our clients' needs, locales, and cultural contexts.

Work With Us

We are proud to be a trusted partner for many companies, brands, design agencies, and branding agencies. When you choose Dalton Maag, you're choosing a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about creating exceptional typefaces that elevate brands, visual identities, and communication. Get in touch to discuss how our expertise, approach, innovation, and commitment can help you or your clients.