Free Trial Fonts


Selecting the right typeface for a project is a critical decision that can significantly impact its overall appeal, effectiveness, and success. We understand the challenges that this selection process can present, which is why we offer a free trial licence for almost all of our library fonts. Our trial licence is not just about giving you a taste of what we offer; it provides an opportunity for you to experience the depth, versatility, and functionality of our typefaces within your real projects.

You can download a personalized zip file of trial fonts for any available family from your downloads page. You will need to register, log in, and agree to the terms of our trial licence agreement, or if you’d like us to give access to your whole team or department, get in touch.

Eliminating Uncertainty

With so many typefaces available in the market, each claiming unique qualities and diverse applications, it’s a vast sea of options that can sometimes leave you feeling lost or overwhelmed. Online testers and type specimens can help you narrow down your options, but they cannot help you completely establish how a font will work with your specific text, in your specific context.

Our free trial licence eliminates the guesswork by allowing you to see our fonts in action within your projects. You get to see how they respond to your specific requirements, and how well they integrate with your existing design elements. This hands-on experience can provide the insight that you just can’t get from online testers.

Test, Don’t Guess

Our free trial licence isn’t a time-limited demo. It offers fully-featured versions of our static and variable library fonts risk-free, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities. You’ll have the chance to explore and experiment with all of the weights, styles, and axes, across the depth and breadth of our font library.

The Uniqueness of Real Applications

Our free trial licence provides an opportunity to see our typefaces in real applications. Whether you’re working on a branding project, designing a website, or creating printed materials, you’ll get to see how our fonts perform in the real situations you’ll be using them. You can assess their suitability, legibility, readability, scalability, and overall visual impact in the context that matters the most – your own.

Features of the Free Trial Licence

Our free trial licence agreement allows the fully-featured fonts to be used by up to five people simultaneously, for the creation of documents, artwork, and presentations solely for academic, speculative, or pitching purposes. Although work created using the trial fonts can’t be sold, duplicated, published, or distributed, it can be shared with your client for evaluation.


Selecting the right typeface can make all the difference to the success of a project, and we are committed to helping you make that decision with confidence. Our free trial licence offers no-risk, hands-on experience with our extensive library of high-quality fonts, ensuring you make the right choice to meet all of your project’s requirements. Download the trial fonts from your downloads page after registering and accepting our trial licence agreement, or if you’d like us to give access to your whole team or department, get in touch.