Font Modification


Typography plays a pivotal role in visual identity design and marketing campaigns, precisely conveying the desired message and tone of voice to the target audience. Many designers turn to custom font design or font licensing to meet these needs, but there is a third option. Font modification allows us to personalize any font from our extensive library to precisely meet your needs. Whether it’s altering a single character or adjusting the design’s tone of voice, font modification can deliver a distinctive and exclusive result.

Advantages of Font Modification

Font modification not only saves time, as the process is quicker than developing a custom font from the ground up, but is also often more cost-effective, as you’re working with an existing structure and only adjusting specific elements to match your vision.

Font modification can also deliver a unique typographic identity that an off-the-shelf library font will often struggle to achieve. It distinguishes your brand from competitors and perfectly aligns with your brand’s character, enhancing visual harmony and consistency across campaigns or whole visual identities.

Uniqueness through Modification

Font modification offers an opportunity to create a typographic voice that is unique to your brand. Our modification services enable the creation of an exclusive typeface that elevates your brand’s individuality and sets it apart from others. We treat every modification project with meticulous care and precision, irrespective of whether it’s adjusting a single character or revising the entire typographic tone.


The pricing for a font modification project is comprised of two parts: Labour: The studio time required for us to carry out the modification work. Depending on the project’s scope, this may vary from a few hours to several weeks.

Licensing: As modified fonts are exclusive derivatives of existing library designs, they are licensed, not sold, to you. Licence prices are identical to the retail versions of the unmodified fonts, and are just as flexible with any-time upgrades. For extensive modification projects, we are usually able to offer a discount on the licence fee.


Font modification is a powerful tool in design and branding, offering an advantageous middle ground between custom font design and font licensing. We can help you express your brand’s unique personality and create a lasting impression on your audience.

Font LicensingFont ModificationCustom Font Design
How is it priced?Number of users, pageviews, apps, etc.Licences are priced by number of users, pageviews, apps, etc. + agreed fee based on time to developAgreed development fee – no licence fees
Who owns the copyright on the fonts?Dalton MaagDalton Maag – the fonts are licensed to you under a licence agreementYou
Is exclusivity guaranteed?Not guaranteedYes – the modified version is exclusive to youYes
What are the limits on usage?As in the licence agreementHow you’re able to use the fonts is set out in the licence agreementNone
Can I modify the fonts, or have others do the same?NoOur licence agreement allows only Dalton Maag to make changesYes
What’s the lead time?ImmediateWe can usually begin your project <2 weeks from agreeing scope and termsUsually <2 weeks