Our Studio

Our Aim

Since our founding in 1991, Dalton Maag has been committed to the creation of innovative, high-quality typefaces. We have a relentless dedication to design, and a culture that celebrates collaboration and creativity. From our early beginnings to the present day, we have sought to push boundaries and redefine excellence in typeface design, and in that time we have created some of the world’s most-read fonts.

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Our History

The Dalton Maag story began over thirty years ago when we were established by Swiss typeface designer Bruno Maag on the principles of collaboration, openness, and excellence. We understand and promote the vital role that typefaces play in communication, visual identity, and branding. It is from this understanding that we derive our commitment to deliver beautiful, performant, and innovative font families to a global audience.

Our Culture

At Dalton Maag, we firmly believe that our strength comes from the collective energy and talent of our people. Our team comprises an exceptional mix of typeface designers, font engineers, account managers, creative directors, graphic designers, software engineers, and IT and finance professionals. Our diversity fosters an environment of creativity and collaboration, where each individual’s skills and perspectives are valued, leading to consistently exceptional work.

Innovation has always been at the core of Dalton Maag. We’re always looking for cutting-edge technologies that can help us create typefaces that meet the evolving needs of our clients. We embrace new technologies, and through them, find new ways to enhance the quality and precision of our work, maintaining our position at the forefront of typeface design.

Our Approach

We are proud to take a different approach to others in our industry; our commitment to openness and collaboration permeates every aspect of our work. Each typeface we design undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure it meets the highest standards. This dedication to quality has resulted in an award-winning portfolio of library fonts that is diverse and distinct, and a client base which trusts our work to support their brand and visual communication.

Our Clients

Our studio may be based in London, but our client base, and influence, are truly global. We work with clients of all sizes, across every industry, and in every timezone. This extensive experience enables us to deliver typeface solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Our Library

We are continually exploring new opportunities to bring diversity to the modern typographic landscape; we actively commission fresh designs from our global pool of talented font designers and invest in creating new intellectual property. Our focus is on fostering innovation and representing a wide spectrum of cultural and aesthetic perspectives, rather than acquiring existing, historically Western-centric, designs.

Our Future

We remain committed to the principles on which Dalton Maag was founded, and we strive to continue our legacy of innovation, collaboration, and excellence in typeface design. Our history has shaped us, and our values will guide us as we continue to create typefaces that speak volumes, capture imaginations, and transcend geographical boundaries.

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