FontPass for Business & Enterprise

FontPass is a font licensing subscription service that is ideal for organizations with diverse, evolving, or ad-hoc requirements for typefaces and fonts. There’s no need to scour font catalogues, research licences, or negotiate pricing – you’re already licensed to use almost the entirety¹ of the Dalton Maag font library, a constantly growing trove of over 1,200 fonts across more than 50 families, expertly designed with extensive writing system and language support.

FontPass also gives you access to new library fonts as they are released during the term of your subscription, all at no additional cost. You’ll be the first to get access to new fonts the moment they are added to our library, ahead of their general retail launch, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

FontPass for BusinessFontPass for Enterprise
AvailabilityFor organizations with 1,000 employees or fewerFor organizations of any size
Pricing$12 per user per month², minimum of 100 users$30,000 per month², no limit on users
Minimum Term12 months3 months
Fonts IncludedAlmost all¹ of the Dalton Maag font library (50+ families with 1,200+ fonts)Almost all¹ of the Dalton Maag font library (50+ families with 1,200+ fonts)
‘Desktop’ LicensingIncluded, per-userIncluded, unlimited
‘Web’ LicensingIncluded, unlimitedIncluded, unlimited
‘App/Game’ LicensingIncluded, unlimited
‘ePub’ LicensingIncluded, unlimited
‘Server’ LicensingIncluded, unlimited
‘Digital Ads’ LicensingIncluded, unlimited
‘Software Distribution’ LicensingIncluded, unlimited
‘Hardware/Firmware Distribution’ LicensingIncluded, unlimited
Technical Support³IncludedIncluded
Administrative Support⁴IncludedIncluded
Creative Support⁵Billed at an hourly rateIncluded
ModificationsBilled at an hourly rateChargeable, on demand⁶
  1. Due to contractual restrictions, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts are not currently included with FontPass subscriptions, but can be licensed separately as required.
  2. Paid monthly, quarterly, or annually in advance, at your choice. Subscription price if fixed for the duration of your agreement.
  3. Your named contacts will have direct access to Dalton Maag’s technical support Team.
  4. Your named contacts will have direct access to a named Dalton Maag Account Manager.
  5. Your named contacts will have direct access to a named Dalton Maag Creative Director.
  6. On-demand modifications of fonts from our font library can be requested at any time, at a price from our published tariff, available only to FontPass for Enterprise subscribers. You’re licensed to use the modified fonts for as long as you subscribe, and have the option of purchasing a discounted licence if you do not renew your subscription and wish to continue using them.

The Dalton Maag Font Library

Our font library features over 1,200 fonts across more than 50 families. It has been built through strategic commissioning and careful curation to intentionally represent the best of the best for every design archetype – and to feature a few surprises too. From the multi-lingual efficiency and clarity of Aktiv Grotesk to the wild features of Jazzier, every level of expressiveness and tone-of-voice are represented.

While all of the font families in our library support the Latin writing system, twelve families also support the Greek and Cyrillic writing systems, and six families support the Arabic writing system, but the international star of our library is Aktiv Grotesk which supports over 130 languages using nine writing systems across all 54 of its fonts.

Personal Service

We ask FontPass subscribers to nominate up to four named contacts within their organization who will be the people that we work with directly. This avoids duplication of communication and allows us to provide technical support in a way which doesn’t contradict the policies and processes of your own IT team. Technical support and administrative support are included at no extra cost with all FontPass subscriptions.

Fonts, not Apps and Audits

FontPass is direct access for your named contacts to all 1,200+ fonts, in all appropriate file formats, to distribute as your organization requires; you’re in complete control of which fonts are deployed where. There’s no desktop audit suite, no counting pageviews, and no spyware, just the font files that you need.

Use, Don’t Prototype

You’re licensed to use everything in the library from day one. There’s no rotating roster of active fonts, no distinction between prototyping and commercial use, just fonts licensed to you for you to use as you need.

Consistent Terms

All fonts licensed through a FontPass subscription have exactly the same licence terms; there are no per-family restrictions and no special reporting requirements.

Fixed Price

Your monthly subscription price is fixed for the duration of your subscription – up to five years, chosen by you when you subscribe.

FontPass for Business subscribers can increase their number of users at any time during their subscription term for the same per-user price. FontPass for Enterprise subscriptions have no user limit.

Sneak Previews

New library fonts are added to FontPass as soon as they are completed rather than waiting for retail launch, giving all FontPass subscribers early access to new releases.

No Tie-In

FontPass does not contractually restrict you to use only Dalton Maag fonts.

At the end of your FontPass subscription term you can:

Extra Features for Enterprise

FontPass for Enterprise subscribers also have access to:

How to Subscribe

If you’d like to subscribe to FontPass, or if you have any questions, please contact