Fabio Haag

Who are you?
Fabio Haag, Creative Director.
When did you join Dalton Maag?
March 2008.
Tell us about yourself
I'm a type enthusiast, even before I realized it - my school notebooks show several different handwriting styles varying radically from time to time. I love the art and the science of type - and sharing this passion.
What prompted you to take your current role?
Type design was my hobby since the beginning of my professional career. Graphic design paid my bills, but type design was what made my heart beat stronger. I met Bruno Maag in 2002 when he came to Brazil to give a workshop - that's actually when the first sketches of Foco were drawn. My passion, business vision and hard work led me where I am now.
What's your favourite part of your job?
The conceptual stage is obviously very exciting, but I have to say that I also quite like the very final stage of the design work - the careful attention given to every curve, weight, and spacing. Like polishing a precious jewel, applying the final tweaks and making sure it's crafted at the highest quality is something that gives me a lot of pleasure.
What's your Small Object of Design, and why?
Besides the Playstation and my new coffee machine, the favourite one I can carry with me everywhere is my Kindle - it did change the way, and how much, I read nowadays. There is so much content to catch up on these days that a true portable reading device is a must-have.


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