Cookies: Privacy Policy

The Dalton Maag website makes use of cookies to allow it to track your actions and options. We store the following information in cookies on your computer. These cookies are required for our website to function correctly:

  • The language in which you last viewed our site, so we can show the same language when you next return
  • The currency in which you last viewed prices on our site, so we can show them in the same currency when you next return
  • The current contents of your basket when shopping on our site
  • If you are logged in to our site, a token representing your login details
  • If you have voted on the interest level of a news article on our site, details of your vote

Our website also uses third-party cookies set by Google Analytics. These cookies allow Google to collect statistics on our behalf about how our site is used – how people arrive at our site, which sections are popular, and how people find their way around it. We use this information to try to improve our website and how it works. These cookies contain no personal information, cannot be used to identify you as an individual, and are used only by Google.